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Welcome to the the virtual Public House for geeks to share music and create a kinder community. We're making the world a happier place through music, education, and conversation. We celebrate our differences while listening to fun music. If you have comments and want to chat in the pub, email me. Use #PubSongs when talking about this podcast.



Dec 21, 2008

The show is a wee bit behind. Took me a week to post it. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I'm still hoping to have a couple more shows before the year ends. We'll see what I can pull together.


  • Snow in Louisiana
  • Hurt hand update
  • "Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile" by MacTalla Mor from The New Colossus
  • Celtic...

Oct 8, 2008


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Sep 20, 2008


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Jul 13, 2008